VMCH Coating Machine Roller

Coating Rubber Roller / Applicator Roller

VINTEX coating material (VINSPL™ EP SERIES) delivers a wide range of solvent resistance to

  • Polar chemicals {like MEK, EtOH} or
  • Non-polar solvents {like Petrol, Xylene, Cyclohexene and others}.

The art of compounding and high quality raw materials by Vintex Rubber Industries, guarantees excellent mechanical properties with lowest abrasion and high resistivity, equivalent to Industrial standards. It helps the customers improve their efficiency in the operations.

Product offeredTypeHardnessSeriesApplication & FeaturesConcentricityODLength
VIN SPL™VMCH Coating (Applicator Or Transfer Roller)55° – 80°C 300
  • Continuous Dipped in HSL
  • Long Endurance with HSL
  • Resistant to Ketones Group and Ethyle Acetate
  • Temperature Resistance from 70°-100°C

≤0.05± 0.05± 0.1