Buffing / Contact / Printing / Embossing

Technological inventions and improvement has made a huge impact on the working conditions of companies globally. The critical condition of Rubber Rollers for Plastic Film Converting Industry and Flooring Industry demands more sophisticated technology that enables companies to manage their businesses.

Thus, the expert team of Vintex Rubber Industry has introduced number of Rubber Rollers necessary for Plastic Film Converting Industries and Flooring Industries to work smoothly and efficiently with 100% customer satisfaction.

Our laboratory i.e.,“VIN LAB” blends high quality rubber material and draw custom designs of rubber rollers for Leather & Vinyl Industry. Keeping machinery, usage, quality, purpose of embossing, mixture of patterns & specific needs of a business in mind, which are effective under extensive applications.

Newly launched “VIN SPL”– EP series grades are recommended for application in VMCH Coating, Ink Furnishing Unit, PVC Flooring Industries and Embossing.

Types of Rubber Rollers and its specifications offered by Vintex Rubber Industries

Product offeredTypeHardnessSeriesApplication & FeaturesConcentricityODLength
VIN SPL™Furnishing Roller50° – 55°EP-500Continuous Contact with Ink, Excellent resistance to MEK, MIBK, Toluene, Ethyl
VIN SPL™PVC Flooring
Printing Roller
50° – 55°G-200Excellent resistance to Coating Lacquer≤0.05±0.05±0.1
VIN SPL™Embossing Roller50° – 55°E-100Good heat absorbing properties≤0.05±0.05±0.1