Rubber rollers for gravure printing and transfer rollers for solventless lamination

 In order to save small amount of money some end-users orders and uses, bigger width rollers for smaller jobs.

Which damages the rubber surface from the edges and directly affects the printing and laminating quality when used again for bigger width jobs.

That is why; our expert team at Vintex Rubber Industries highly recommends buyers and users not to use big rubber rollers for small width jobs.

To extend the life of rubber coverings, the rubber rollers should be send for grinding on regular intervals, which removes the oxidation and maintain the dimensional accuracy on the rubber surface.

Using Wrong or Defective Rubber Rollers causes:

  • Decrease in Quality of Product = Risk of loosing customers, business and market reputation
  • Decrease in Rate of Production = Lower Cost Efficiency
  • Increase in Scrap Ratio = Less Profit
  • Increase in Machine Down-Time = High Cost of Production

Heavy  “DOWN-TIME” of the machine is the most expensive thing in printing industry. It is due to defective printing, for this one of the reasons could be a faulty roller.

The type of roller required, varies by its function, customer’s or industrial requirements. The best roller varies with kind of ink, press speed, type of presses etc.

R & D team at Vintex Rubber Industries is continuously developing new rubber compounds and improved urethane compounds, to broaden the types of rubber rollers for gravure printing and transfer rollers for solventless lamination

Thus it is very necessary for printers who strive for quality should understand the methodology of proper use and care of Rubber Rollers. Without proper care user’s can end up with spending a substantial amount of profit and many times it is not even recognized.

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Mayank Chhabra
Vintex Rubber Industries