Improper care and maintenance leads to various problems and damages in Rubber Rollers like


  • One should be highly cautious, while fitting the bearings, as it may bend or damage the journal ends by hammering or over forcing. Keep a regular check on the journal ends/bearing seats, sockets for any wear or damage.
  • It is always recommended to use bearing puller to change the bearings, instead of using hammer.


  • Rubber rollers should be kept away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Temperature between 60 and 90 degrees F is a standard preference.
  • The rubberized portion, of Rubber Rollers should never be in contact with Flat area or any other surface.
  • Certain rollers can be stored on a flat surface; other Rubber Rollers should be rested horizontally on the journals (end Shafts).
  • Improper handling or storage may causes cracks in rubber, their ends cracks, surface cracks or flex cracks, so proper precautions should be taken.
  • Many rollers become useless because of longtime and/or improper storage. This problem can be solved by Re-grinding the roller, only if the dimensional specification tolerances have not been exceeded.
  • If deterioration is too severe during storage or use, the roller should be taken out of service or replaced.
  • If the rubber rollers are stored for longer period of time on shop floor, shelf or flat surface, they should be placed on foam or bubble wrap and rotated repeatedly.


  • The rubber rollers should be covered with black or brown paper.
  • Rubber Rollers when kept on stands should be rotated timely in order to protect them from ozone attack or oxidation. It releases the stress that gets built up in rubber rollers.
  • The replaced rubber rollers should be cleaned thoroughly after usage and dusting should be done with talcum powder.

After cleaning the rollers, they should be stored in their own boxes or on stands until; the rubber roller is put back in to service or returned to the manufacturer for recovering. The life span and durability of Rubber Rollers can be extended, just by following these simple measures, in result which will lower the cost of frequent purchases, damages or re-covering it. For further information on roller care or any queries about rollers, please feel free to contact us on   or

Mayank Chhabra
Vintex Rubber Industries